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When a planning document has to change status, it can mean very time-consuming and monotonous work. There may be hundreds of drawings to be opened, changed and saved in your CAD software. AEC CADIUM collects text and drawing documents into projects, automates your scripting and has features to easily make mass changes to your drawing stamps. You don't even need to have a CAD software installed to edit attributes in the drawing stamps.


The project module helps you organise your projects and collect stamps and scripts as well as project-related drawings and text documents. Just open your project and you will have direct access to all these documents with the option to open them directly from AEC CADIUM. Stamp and script will of course load the correct files and load the correct stamp blocks! You can also run all scripts associated with the project with a single button press.

Stamp text

With the editing function, you can change stamp texts on all layouts in your drawings with a few clicks. You change in an easy-to-understand interface, for example, document type, date, scale or drawing number.


In scripts, you list commands from your CAD software. Run your own scripts in multiple consecutive drawings, for example you can plot multiple files or link external references. To turn layers on/off, there is a wizard for creating layer scripts based on an existing drawing. AEC CADIUM comes with several script templates for tasks like maintenance, printing and inventory management, and you can add your own folders of scripts.

AEC CADIUM supports scripting with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Core Console, BricsCAD and DraftSight. Note, however, that AutoCAD LT and DraftSight do not support AutoLISP scripts.

Drawing lists

By retrieving the information directly from the stamp, you can create your custom drawing lists while ensuring that the correct information conforms with the correct drawing. Save time by formatting your list while seeing the final result in the preview.

Current version: AEC CADIUM 2018.2.3 includes template scripts from AEC CADIUM Script Add-In 1.0.4. AEC CADIUM supports up to AutoCAD 2024 and AutoCAD LT 2023.

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