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Execute changes in several CAD drawings simultaneously! AEC CADIUM is the product when you wish to smoothly automate your scripting and make changes to your title blocks.

Changing the document status of the design drawings can be a time-consuming and monotone operation. Hundreds of drawings need to be opened, changed and re-saved in your CAD software. AEC CADIUM organises your text and drawing documents, automates your scripting and provides features to simplify mass changes of your title blocks. There is no need to have any CAD software installed for you to be able to edit attributes in your drawings.


The project module is a feature that facilitates the organisation of your projects, and collects stamp and scripts, as well as project specific drawings and text documents. Just open your project and you will get instant access to all these documents, with an option to open them directly from AEC CADIUM. Stamps and scripts will of course open the corresponding drawings and load the correct block! It is also possible to run all scripts attached to the project with a single action.

Attributes in Title Blocks

In just a few steps, the editing tool allows you to change your title block attributes in all layouts of your drawings. Change status, date, scale information or drawing number in a user-friendly interface.


A script is a list of commands directly from your CAD software. Plot multiple drawings or attach xrefs. The Script Layer Wizard assists in creating a layer script based on an existing drawing. AEC CADIUM provides a number of script templates for maintenance, plotting and layer management. You can also define your custom script folders.

AEC CADIUM supports scripting with AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Core Console, BricsCAD and DraftSight. NB AutoCAD LT and DraftSight do not support LISP scripts.

Sheet Lists

The sheet list generator extracts information directly from the title block and assists you in assuring that the information is linked to the correct drawing. Save time by formatting your list while reviewing the end-result in the preview.


Download AEC CADIUM for evaluation or licensing. Without any licensing, the software is possible to run in Demo mode with limited functionality. At startup, there is an option to request for a license from AEC. If you have configured an email client, an email will be created – else the information will be copied to your clipboard.

Please read the attached README.txt prior to installation.

Download AEC CADIUM Network License Manager

AEC CADIUM uses FlexLM as network license server, just like the Autodesk products.

AEC Network License Manager

E-mail or call helpdesk at +46 10-850 20 20 for single/network installation and licensing support.





Publiceringsdatum: 2013-04-10